Crispy multi-viet xuyen cake

Viet Xuyen bakery village is still bustling with people who make cakes and dry cakes with the determination to preserve traditional craft villages


   Product Information :

  • Product Type : Viet Xuyen Cake
  • Origin               : Thach Ha ( Ha Tinh - Viet Nam )

No one remembers how Viet Xuyen's bakery (Thach Ha - Ha Tinh) ever lasted, only to hear the elderly recount, since they were born saw her mother, saw her making cakes. To this day, Viet Xuyen is still bustling with grandmothers and sisters to make cakes together, quickly expose the cakes in the sun.

Recalling the price of cake, Ms. Le Thi Hien (60 years old, Trung Trinh village) shared: "All week, it has rained beams, the cake cannot be dried, so it is curled up, the design is bad, the guests do not like it, so the price is not high. It was sunny on a sunny day, so we enlisted our best to keep up with the peak near Tet".

Through many ups and downs, the trade village has changed but the vitality is still preserved. Ms. Phung Thi Ha ( the same village) said: "In the past, most of the whole commune made cakes. His father left, with rice, sesame as an available product should make cakes to earn more income.Currently, the bakery has only about 100 households involved but mainly concentrated in Trung Trinh village. Every day, we make only about 100-150 cakes. Although sometimes the sale does not run out, I still look forward to the market, partly because I love the profession, partly because I earn more income".

Born in a craft village and raised thanks to the markets of her mother, today's youth class is very deeply rooted in the traditional profession. Therefore, after the tiring days in the countryside, Nguyen Huu Duc and Nguyen Huu Nam - the children of the trade village were determined to return to their hometown to put machines into production to develop traditional professions.

Germany said: "After presenting the idea, I was supported by my parents, facilitated by the local authorities on the procedures for establishing a cooperative group, facilitating loans to invest in machinery and production lines. Up to now, every day, I produce about 3,000 cakes and the number of customers localities across the province consumes about 2,000 each day. Excluding costs and workers, the income per month is also significant."

Many elderly people in the village have also quit making crafts to support 2 young men with a monthly income of VND 3-4 million. Ms. Nguyen Thi Trung said: "This job is very suitable for us, both for income and for keeping his father's career, so I am very happy. Multi-cake is made by machine but the ingredients are carefully selected so it does not affect the quality. In addition, beautiful designs with many different sizes should be preferred by customers".

The support of machines has freed up the labor of the people. Craft villagers now no longer have to stay up late, get up early to soak rice, hand-grind baking powder or toasted charcoal fans. Moreover, thanks to the large production village, multi-traditional cakes have followed each ride to be present in large cities, creeping into luxury restaurants.