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25/10/2021, 02:00

Vietnam becomes largest furniture exporter to US

Vietnam has overtaken China as the largest furniture exporter to the U.S. as tariffs drive manufacturers out of the world’s second largest economy, according US magazine...

by VNA
23/10/2021, 02:02

COVID-19 severely affects labour market

Three-month social distancing has seriously affected the labour market with high unemployment and underemployment rates being recorded.

by VNA
18/10/2021, 02:00

Economic impacts of 5G

The promise of 5G has been echoed throughout the business world for years.

by VNA
15/10/2021, 02:07

Hanoi’s economy maintains growth pace

Hanoi has made marked socio-economic achievements since 1986 when Vietnam began to open up for economic integration. The capital city posted high economic growth rates,...

by VNA