Positive indicators emerge in garment-textile sector exports

Enjoying a rise in orders, the garment and textile sector is optimistic about the completion of its target of earning 44 billion USD in export revenue set for this year.

Currently, the majority of businesses in the garment and textile sector reported that they have received orders for production until May.

The recent increase in orders showed that the garment and textile sector is recovering and the market is heating up.

In order to achieve its export target, from now until 2030, the industry will switch its strategy from fast development to sustainable development and circular business.

In the 2031-2035 period, it will focus on effective and sustainable growth following the circular economy model, while completing the domestic value chain and holding a higher position in the global supply chain.

Particularly, the sector will concentrate on science-technology and human resources development, and drive high-tech weaving-dyeing-finishing projects to industrial parks, while investing in the production of new and environmentally-friendly materials of natural origin, and boosting the fashion sector./.