17/05/2023, 11:15

Which central banks will pause rate hikes?

The Fed has suggested that it has paused its rate hikes. It is not the first developed-country central bank to do so and others could be joining soon, such as ECB, BoE.

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18/04/2023, 11:20

The perils of a pause in rate hikes

A few developed-country central banks have already paused their policy tightening and others, notably the Federal Reserve and Bank of England, are expected to do so...

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05/07/2022, 11:39

Could the pound prove vulnerable?

There’s little doubt that the pound could prove vulnerable once again if trade continues to slump and global investment flows stall.

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27/06/2022, 11:08

The reverse currency war

It doesn’t seem that long ago that central bankers and finance ministers wanted weak currencies.

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26/05/2022, 13:11

A race to raise base rates

Major central banks are pushing on with rate hikes and, from what we’ve already been told, the likes of the Fed, BoE and ECB will be unveiling new or further hikes in...

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20/05/2022, 11:34

A dangerous wage- price spiral

Most central banks want workers to keep wage demands down so that their economies do not enter a dangerous wage/price spiral. But there are already plenty of signs that...

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17/05/2022, 11:00

Conundrum for the UK base rate

It is fair to say that the Bank of England faces the most difficult choices of any G10 central bank when it comes to policy rates.

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21/01/2022, 11:56

Will interest rates rise to pre-GFC levels?

Bank of England Governor Bailey argued that he does not see changes in the global economy that suggest interest rates will return to the levels seen before the global...

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14/01/2022, 11:14

More quantitative tightening is expected

The issue of quantitative tightening by central banks has come onto the radar screen in the past month as the Fed revealed that it had talked about allowing maturing...

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20/12/2021, 11:05

Will the pace of rates hike be faster?

A quick look at the front end of the money markets in the US and UK tells you that traders and investors are primed for a relatively modest rate-hike cycle although...

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20/10/2021, 11:10

Upward pressure on bond yields

Mounting inflationary pressure and more rate hikes should ensure that bond yields continue to climb.

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19/10/2021, 11:10

FED and BoE are too woke?

Not for the first time, central bankers in advanced countries such as the US and UK have been accused of being too woke.

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