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02/04/2024, 02:00

Vietnam seeing positive export signs in Q1

Recovery of the world economy, including many major export markets of Vietnam, is a positive sign for the Southeast Asian nation’s import and export activities in the...

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14/02/2024, 02:38

Vitality for the circular economy

The Central Institute for Economic Management Research's director, Dr. Tran Thi Hong Minh, feels that aggressively fostering the circular economy in tandem...

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29/11/2023, 02:00

Carbon market development key to green transition

Low-carbon economic development towards a circular economy is becoming an inevitable tendency in the framework of the green transition with the creation and development...

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22/02/2023, 02:00

Circular economy gains momentum back home

The circular economy would serve businesses well by enabling the efficient use of resources and facilitating their deeper involvement in the global supply chains.

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09/10/2022, 02:38

Circular economy: A new growth engine

Businesses can maintain their steady progress toward sustainable development with a low-carbon, green economy by using the circular economy.

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