26/12/2022, 02:00

Economy quite resilient to external shock

Vietnam could face many new challenges in 2023, although experts believe that despite adverse effects from the outside, the Vietnamese economy has remained rather...

by Admin
20/11/2022, 11:31

Resources make a difference

Innovation and creativity are soft power, an important development resource, and the most differentiating property of human beings from other animals that exist on...

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06/10/2022, 02:10

Unblocking capital sources for the economy

After the recent increase in credit limit, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has granted 13.6 percent of the total 14 percent credit room in 2022. The SBV continues to...

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04/10/2022, 02:38

Vietnam's prospects are reassuring

While global uncertainties, such as China’s zero-COVID ambitions, Russia-Ukraine conflict… persist, Vietnam's prospects are reassuring.

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21/09/2022, 02:00

Enterprises upbeat about recovery prospects

Contrary to concerns about slowing world economies, the latest statistical data show that Vietnam's economy is on a strong recovery trajectory, with many indicators...

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18/09/2022, 02:00

Bright outlook for economy despite challenges

Vietnam’s economy has a positive outlook for 2022 despite the emergence of Omicron sub-variants, global geopolitical tensions and mounting input costs, according to...

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01/07/2022, 02:10

Inflation not a domestic problem in Vietnam

Although the economy in Vietnam is under great pressure with rising global inflation, a general assessment of the situation in Vietnam shows that inflation is not much...

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