by VBF 11/06/2024, 14:53

VCCI, British University Enhance Education Partnership

On May 30, Nguyen Quang Vinh, Vice President of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), led a delegation to the British University Vietnam (BUV), marking their collaborative efforts to enhance educational standards and promote sustainable business practices in Vietnam.

VCCI Vice President  Nguyen Quang Vinh at a productive working session with the British University Vietnam (BUV)

The delegation was warmly received by Christopher Jeffery, Pro-Vice Chancellor (International, Strategy & Engagement), and Professor Rick Bennett, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President of BUV. The discussions began with mutual acknowledgments of the shared goals to elevate education and research initiatives in the country.

Central to the dialogue was the proposal to jointly organize short courses focusing on sustainable business practices and the circular economy. Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh underscored VCCI’s commitment to fostering educational opportunities that align with international standards, aiming to equip Vietnamese students and businesses with cutting-edge knowledge essential for global competitiveness.

Professor Rick Bennett expressed BUV’s readiness to contribute its international expertise towards these educational endeavors. The university highlighted its established frameworks in sustainable development and how these could be tailored to meet Vietnam’s specific economic and environmental challenges.

VCCI pledged to actively engage as guest speakers at BUV, sharing insights from companies like Unilever and Nestle. This initiative seeks to connect academia and industry, equip students with current business knowledge, and prepare future leaders for sustainable innovation in Vietnam’s business landscape.

Both parties expressed a keen interest in organizing student conferences through platforms such as the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF), supported by VCCI. These conferences would focus on themes of leadership in sustainability, providing students with tangible career pathways amidst technological advancements and industry disruptions.

The meeting concluded with a firm commitment to continue detailed negotiations and develop concrete collaborative activities in the near future. VCCI expressed support for BUV’s access to expertise and resources, emphasizing their dedication to advancing education and research in Vietnam. The partnership between VCCI and BUV aims to empower Vietnamese youth with global skills and knowledge. By adopting international practices and insights, they aim to promote sustainable development and innovation in Vietnam.