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01/02/2023, 11:17

New approaches of central banks

In recent years, major central banks have decided that their methods for achieving their mandates left something to be desired. The Fed changed its modus operandi in...

31/01/2023, 11:14

Rate hike rush

FED, ECB and Bank of England will all probably hike policy rates this week, but not necessarily by the same amounts.

by Mr. Steve Barrow, Head of Standard Bank G10 Strategy
31/01/2023, 02:00

State-owned banks under capital increase pressure

Việt Nam’s four biggest State-owned banks have an urgent need for capital increase in 2023 as their charter capital is too low, with some unable to ensure the regulated...

by VNS
30/01/2023, 02:00

Retail market predicted to recover in 2023

Although 2023 is forecast to see many difficulties, experts expect it will be a recovery year for the retail sector after the COVID-19 pandemic as there are many signs...

by VNS