25/05/2023, 11:47

Brexit is a success or failure?

A poll from YouGov showed that nearly twice as many people thought that Labour had achieved more in office than the Conservatives have. Indeed, for many,...

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21/02/2023, 11:14

Sterling remains vulnerable

Just in the past week, or so, there have been two developments that could, in theory at least, improve the pound’s fortunes. However, sterling still looks vulnerable.

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12/05/2022, 11:21

More risks for Sterling

Sterling has been under particular pressure since the Bank of England warned last week that the economy could be sinking into a stagflationary quagmire. If that’s not...

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26/04/2022, 11:19

UK recessions risks on the rise

The dark clouds of recession are starting to hang over many advanced countries right now, but it seems to us that the UK is at greater risk than most, and this clearly...

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09/12/2021, 11:16

Why has the UK economy contracted vs its peers?

The UK economy has performed relatively poorly compared to its peers but not because of Covid. It probably explains why sterling has not been able to recapture the...

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05/10/2021, 12:59

What challenges is the UK facing?

The UK is not alone in suffering supply-chain difficulties, but it is in the worst position than many, and part of this is down to Brexit.

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