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03/05/2024, 01:56

Targets in digital society development to 2025

Implementing the “National Digital Transformation Programme to 2025, with a vision to 2030”, Vietnam has to date attained remarkable achievements, with awareness about...

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02/04/2024, 02:00

Vietnam seeing positive export signs in Q1

Recovery of the world economy, including many major export markets of Vietnam, is a positive sign for the Southeast Asian nation’s import and export activities in the...

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21/02/2024, 02:38

Digital economy-driven new growth orbit

The 4.0 industrial revolution specified the digital transformation associated with digital economic development, which will become the unavoidable trend in the next few...

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07/02/2024, 02:00

Trade promotion focuses on market development

In 2024, trade promotion activities will continue with the goal of expanding new export markets and exploiting FTAs; Digital transformation is associated with green...

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29/07/2023, 02:38

Three drivers for ASEAN economic growth

18 months into a historic interest-rate upcycle, Southeast Asia’s economic prospects continue to stand out in a world faced with high inflation and soft demand. Three...

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