02/07/2024, 11:50

What’s best for a currency?

A left-leaning but stable government, or a right-of-centre government that is inherently unstable? We could be about to find out in the UK as the electorate is likely to...

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05/06/2024, 01:45

Enhancing Role of Entrepreneurs in New Era

Resolution 41-NQ/TW recognizes the pivotal position and significant role of entrepreneurs as a key driving force behind national industrialization, modernization and...

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21/05/2024, 02:00

Textiles and footwear in a greening spiral

More and more regulations on sustainable development are issued in major markets such as the US and EU, imposing pressure on Vietnamese textile and garment enterprises...

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23/04/2024, 11:41

Measuring currency risks

Indicators of “risk” have increased sharply this month and, as usual, this had led to some strength in the US dollar, particularly against emerging market currencies.

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