02/04/2024, 02:00

Vietnam seeing positive export signs in Q1

Recovery of the world economy, including many major export markets of Vietnam, is a positive sign for the Southeast Asian nation’s import and export activities in the...

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01/03/2024, 02:38

Promoting the greening of the textile industry

Welcoming investment waves enables Vietnamese enterprises to access modern technology and projects that support green transformation, helping businesses meet standards...

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05/01/2024, 02:38

A boost needed for green credit

Hoang Nguyen Khai, an expert from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, believes that the message conveyed by the Prime Minister at COP28, stating "said to...

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12/11/2023, 12:00

Green economy key for sustainable growth

Promoting green economic initiatives is a matter that Vietnam and many international organisations are focusing on with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG)...

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28/10/2023, 02:00

Attracting green investment to the Southeast

To maintain its role as the economic "leader" of the country, the Southeast provinces need to transform their growth model to a green economy. Accordingly, there are...

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20/10/2023, 02:00

Education is key to green economy: expert

As Việt Nam is pursuing a green growth path, Ireland’s model can be a good example. Việt Nam News reporter Ly Ly Cao spoke to Professor Alan Barrett, CEO of the Economic...

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07/09/2023, 02:38

How are green loans being implemented?

While the share of green loans remains low, accounting for only 4.32% of total outstanding debt in the economy, Vietnamese banks are actively engaging in green...

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