22/11/2022, 11:05

How does the Autumn Statement impact the pound?

UK Chancellor Hunt promised a "tough" autumn statement last week. But it only becomes tough after two years, and that’s when the Conservatives will likely be out of...

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24/10/2022, 11:06

The pound will remain vulnerable

It is going to be a long way back for sterling to recapture the lost ground because policymakers’ credibility has been shot to pieces.

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23/08/2022, 11:16

A new impetus to the U.S dollar strength

After a period of relative stability through the summer months, it looks as if volatility is returning again. The dollar and other “safe” currencies will probably be the...

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19/08/2022, 11:10

UK's inflation pressure and impacts on GBP

UK CPI inflation hit its highest in 40 years in July and the country has the rather unwelcome accolade of being among the first developed countries to reach double...

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04/08/2022, 13:54

Compounding US dollar strength

The dollar remains strong and, when trying to explain this, a lot of focus is put on monetary policy and rate differentials, as if relatively high US rates suck capital...

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19/07/2022, 11:11

Will GBP get a lot worse?

Sterling (GBP) has not had a great year so far, but it could still get a lot worse.

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05/07/2022, 11:39

Could the pound prove vulnerable?

There’s little doubt that the pound could prove vulnerable once again if trade continues to slump and global investment flows stall.

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