24/01/2024, 11:33

What will be beneficial for the pound?

If the UK government delivers tax cuts that both lift growth prospects now and reduce Labour’s room for manoeuvre after polling day, then many might see that as...

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26/10/2022, 11:05

Was the panic in the UK over?

The currency market may see ups and downs, but the new government in the UK will prevent a panic like the one we witnessed in the middle to end of September.

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24/10/2022, 11:06

The pound will remain vulnerable

It is going to be a long way back for sterling to recapture the lost ground because policymakers’ credibility has been shot to pieces.

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05/07/2022, 11:39

Could the pound prove vulnerable?

There’s little doubt that the pound could prove vulnerable once again if trade continues to slump and global investment flows stall.

by Admin
09/12/2021, 11:16

Why has the UK economy contracted vs its peers?

The UK economy has performed relatively poorly compared to its peers but not because of Covid. It probably explains why sterling has not been able to recapture the...

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05/10/2021, 12:59

What challenges is the UK facing?

The UK is not alone in suffering supply-chain difficulties, but it is in the worst position than many, and part of this is down to Brexit.

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