18/11/2022, 11:04

Sterling: a good bounce-back trade?

Sterling could be the big bounce-back trade after new PM Sunak and new Chancellor Hunt are trying to clear up the mess.

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19/08/2022, 11:10

UK's inflation pressure and impacts on GBP

UK CPI inflation hit its highest in 40 years in July and the country has the rather unwelcome accolade of being among the first developed countries to reach double...

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19/07/2022, 11:11

Will GBP get a lot worse?

Sterling (GBP) has not had a great year so far, but it could still get a lot worse.

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23/06/2021, 05:15

What next for GBP after BoE’s meeting?

GBP has been quite steady in the past couple of months in trade-weighted terms. Looking forward, this may continue, but perhaps only because crosscurrents are pushing...

by Admin
22/06/2021, 15:05

How to trade the FX market

The dollar has strengthened following the Fed’s slightly more hawkish take on monetary policy last week. But according to Standard Bank, it is not expected to set off a...

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