12/05/2023, 02:38

Limited scope for lowering interest rates

If we solely consider monetary policy, there is very little room for interest rate reductions, not to mention the delay in the implementation of new policies. As a...

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10/05/2023, 02:00

Bank deposit interest rates keep falling

Banks have been steadily cutting deposit interest rates, which have reached around 8%, a move aimed at reducing lending rates to support businesses.

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08/03/2023, 02:00

Interest rates gradually cool down

Commercial banks have agreed to lower deposit interest rates by about 0.5 percent starting from March 6, while State-owned banks will only reduce their rates by 0.2...

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24/02/2023, 02:00

Deposit interest rates continue to decrease

Commercial joint stock banks have continued to lower deposit interest rates since the middle of this month, a move that is expected to help reduce lending rates and...

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