10/07/2024, 02:00

June seafood exports hit yearly high

Seafood exports for June 2024 are estimated to have reached $875 million, marking a 14% increase compared to the same period last year and the highest monthly export...

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20/05/2024, 11:20

Two scenarios for the US economy

In the Standard Bank’s view, and probably the view of everybody else, there are two main scenarios for the path of the US economy and Fed policy.

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04/02/2024, 02:38

Themes to watch for in 2024

The global economy has defied a hard landing in 2023. As 2024 unfolds, a new but more complex economic landscape is taking shape.

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07/11/2023, 11:14

Another false signal for the US economy

It is interesting that the US economy has just grown by close to 5% in annualised terms in Q3 and yet there’s a good deal of talk that recession is imminent. That might...

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29/08/2023, 11:30

Will the Fed cut rates in 2024?

The prospect of rate cuts will come into view around the spring or summer of 2024, in the Standard Bank’s opinion.

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19/06/2023, 11:33

What is the outlook for advanced economies?

Growth in advanced economies in late 2022 and early 2023 slowed less than expected, as tight labor markets supported robust wage growth and prevented a sharper slowdown...

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01/06/2023, 11:12

How resilient is the US economy?

The US has experienced no recession at all on the GDP measure according to the official adjudicators of recession in the US; the National Association of Business...

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08/11/2022, 11:04

How strong is the U.S economy?

After two consecutive falls in 1H22, the U.S GDP is now back to the levels it was at the end of 2021.

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12/09/2022, 11:05

More pain for US economy

FED Chair Powell says that the US will experience “pain” in reducing inflation to target.

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25/07/2022, 11:08

Will a recession hit the U.S economy?

After a fall in Q1 GDP of 1.6%, market estimates for Q2 currently range from -0.6% to 1.2%. If GDP is negative, it will mark a recession in many people’s eyes given two...

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24/12/2021, 02:35

What is the 2022 global outlook?

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the world economy is projected to grow by 4.9% YoY in 2022F, from an unusually high level in 2021F (5.9% YoY).

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19/11/2021, 11:53

Why is US economy slowing down?

The headlines over the past time reported a significant deceleration in US economic growth in the third quarter.

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17/11/2021, 11:04

Will the U.S economy enter a new recession?

The former Bank of England MPC member Danny Blanchflower ever released a piece of research suggesting that the US economy was entering a recession.

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17/07/2021, 05:15

Will the US economy continue a brisk recovery?

The US is enjoying a brisk economic recovery thanks to substantial policy support and a quick vaccine rollout. But speed may not win the race when it comes to creating a...

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