29/05/2023, 01:27

Two factors impact the USD if the US defaults

Financial market anxiety seems to be increasing as politicians continue to try to hammer out a debt ceiling deal in the US. It seems that this uncertainty is providing...

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18/05/2023, 11:54

Why has FX volatility slumped so much?

Volatility has slumped in the G10 FX market. Should we take this as a sign that boring range-trading is set to persist? Or is it a sign that the market is waiting for...

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13/05/2023, 02:38

US debt ceiling and impacts on USD

There’s clearly a significant event risk coming up in the shape of the pressing need to raise the debt ceiling in the US, or else find some way around the risk of a...

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24/04/2023, 02:38

Exchange rate to remain stable

According to many experts, the reduction of interest rates by the central bank will not have much impact on the exchange rate, and the exchange rate will remain stable...

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08/03/2023, 11:22

Two cheers for lower inflation

News that the NY Fed’s widely-followed measure of global supply chain pressure returned to ‘normal’ levels for the first time in two-and-a-half years might offer...

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28/02/2023, 02:38

Outlook for the USD/VND exchange rate in 2023

According to experts, the USD/VND rate will experience strong pressure in 2023, with domestic inflation and the Fed's rate hike having a big impact on its volatility.

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