29/03/2023, 02:00

Pressure of high interest rate eased

On the afternoon of March 14, many investors were left startled when the State Bank of Vietnam decided to reduce the operating interest rate and the short-term lending...

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08/03/2023, 11:22

Two cheers for lower inflation

News that the NY Fed’s widely-followed measure of global supply chain pressure returned to ‘normal’ levels for the first time in two-and-a-half years might offer...

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22/02/2023, 11:22

How does the FED run its quantitative tightening?

The Federal Reserve released a paper last year that argued quantitative tightening by the Fed over a two-year period at a monthly pace of USD95bn per month is equivalent...

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19/02/2023, 02:38

Gold price faces the "headwind" from the FED

Gold price has fallen for the fourth week in a row, as investors are concerned about how aggressive the Federal Reserve will have to be in order to bring inflation down...

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31/01/2023, 11:14

Rate hike rush

FED, ECB and Bank of England will all probably hike policy rates this week, but not necessarily by the same amounts.

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29/01/2023, 02:38

Interest rate outlook for 2023

With little prospect of monetary expansion in 2023, central banks may continue to tighten their monetary policies.

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10/01/2023, 11:07

Some thoughts on inflation

Over the holiday period there’s been an interesting debate about inflation stirred by former IMF chief economist, Olivier Blanchard.

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