22/11/2021, 11:10

How many times will FED hike rates next year?

The Federal Reserve could lift the fed funds target two times next year, not one. That’s more than most economists seem to expect but no more than is priced in by the...

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15/11/2021, 10:38

Who will become a new FED leader?

There’s talk of a new Fed leader. Lael Brainard, one of the Fed governors is being considered for the top job once current Chair Powell’s tenure runs out next February.

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26/10/2021, 11:16

Will USD slide despite FED tapering?

Major currencies would be broadly stable ahead of next week’s likely announcement by the Fed that it will start to taper is bond purchases. But rather than a source of...

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20/10/2021, 11:10

Upward pressure on bond yields

Mounting inflationary pressure and more rate hikes should ensure that bond yields continue to climb.

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19/10/2021, 11:10

FED and BoE are too woke?

Not for the first time, central bankers in advanced countries such as the US and UK have been accused of being too woke.

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13/10/2021, 13:15

What to see from the global financial cycle?

As we inch slowly but surely towards Fed tapering and later, rate hikes, the significance of the Fed as the key determinant of the global financial cycle will be clear...

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11/10/2021, 11:10

Could the BoE hike rates this year?

The UK interest rate markets have moved dramatically in recent weeks with futures markets now pricing in the very real possibility of a small (15-bps) rate hike by the...

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01/10/2021, 03:17

What are the prospects for global oil price?

Global oil price could continue its uptrend thanks to the sluggish supply and global demand recovery. However, FED's rates hike and US-Iran nuclear talks could be...

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