20/05/2024, 11:20

Two scenarios for the US economy

In the Standard Bank’s view, and probably the view of everybody else, there are two main scenarios for the path of the US economy and Fed policy.

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10/05/2024, 11:44

Outlook for central banks’ monetary policy

Austrian ECB member, and noted hawk Robert Holzman described the Fed as being the “gorilla in the room” when it comes to ECB decisions on policy easing.

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06/05/2024, 11:48

FED is still minded to ease

Our understanding of this week’s Fed policy statement and press conference from Chair Powell is that the bank is still minded to ease.

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22/04/2024, 11:52

Various scenarios for the US dollar

If there is a consensus running through the global macro debate, it seems to be that the US economy will continue to outshine other countries, the Fed will delay its...

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21/04/2024, 02:38

Wary of gold prices reversal in short-term

Gold prices have surged dramatically in response to the Israel-Iran conflct. What would happen to gold prices if the two parties stop repaying one other?

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19/04/2024, 11:55

What if the FED won’t be able to cut rates?

Unsurprisingly, speculation that the FED won’t be able to cut rates until later in the year, if at all, is weighing on foreign currencies, especially in emerging...

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16/04/2024, 11:37

Factors drive the US dollar

In a number of regards everything seems to have been going right in the US in recent years, and going wrong elsewhere. But the US dollar has been quite static. Why is...

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15/04/2024, 11:29

Various viewpoints on central banks' rate cuts

Last week, we heard from policymakers at two European central banks; the ECB and the Riksbank. But while their economic situations and monetary policy outlooks appear...

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04/04/2024, 11:30

Will the FED act in a political way?

In theory, the words “politics” and “Fed” should not appear in the same sentence. Fed policy is carried out independently of any political bias and data since its...

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01/04/2024, 02:38

Will the USD/VND rates stabilize?

Although USD/VND rates remain under intense pressure, many specialists believe that these pressures will only last temporarily.

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24/03/2024, 12:00

Proactive in dealing with exchange rate pressure

Recently, the State of Bank (SBV) withdrew VND 30,000 billion through the T-bills channel, contributing to reducing exchange rate pressure. This is just one of the moves...

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18/03/2024, 02:38

Lending rates must be cut further

According to financial analysts, deposit rates have hit their lowest level in years and would be tough to cut further, while lending rates continue to fall.

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12/03/2024, 14:45

Should central banks ignore the Fed?

That’s what we think other G10 central banks should – and will - do when they consider rate policy this year. It means that they should still push ahead with rate cuts...

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