15/05/2024, 02:00

Banks raise interest rates to attract depositors

Many banks have adjusted up savings interest rates by 0.2-0.3 percentage point per year since early this months to lure depositors in the context that the savings amount...

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06/05/2024, 11:48

FED is still minded to ease

Our understanding of this week’s Fed policy statement and press conference from Chair Powell is that the bank is still minded to ease.

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21/03/2024, 11:18

Bank of Japan moves further away from easy money

The Bank of Japan ended the era of negative policy rates on Tuesday and ended its Yield Curve Control (YCC) policy aimed at 10-year JGBs. Is this a big deal, or no deal...

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26/10/2023, 11:41

Fed is expected to start the easing cycle

At the moment, it seems that the Fed is expected to start the easing cycle, at least in terms of rate cuts, before major European central banks such as the ECB and BoE.

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19/10/2023, 11:41

More margin for FX movement

At the start of this year, many analysts expected euro/dollar would trade up from its opening level of 1.06 to around 1.10 in mid-year and then on to 1.15 by the...

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14/09/2023, 11:51

What do the FED's messages mean?

FED Chairman Powell seems to be suggesting that a high terminal fed funds rate will be anything but transitory.

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03/09/2023, 02:38

Gold prices: Buy the dips

Gold prices may continue to correct and consolidate next week, allowing investors to evaluate investing possibilities if the gold price falls below $1,900/oz.

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20/07/2023, 11:51

Impacts of sharp rate hikes from central banks

There has been much made of the fact that sharp rate hikes from just about all G10 central banks have not led to the depth of economic slowdown that was feared.

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16/07/2023, 02:38

Will the gold price's headwinds reverse?

Inflation fell to its lowest annual rate in more than two years in June, prompting the Federal Reserve to halt hiking interest rates after its July meeting, boosting the...

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05/07/2023, 11:25

Wary of the risk of policy mistakes

There are some reasons why the risk of a policy mistake is extraordinarily high amongst developed-country central banks.

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