20/03/2023, 11:16

What caused the ECB to hike rates?

Not for the first time the ECB has hiked rates into what is clearly a very difficult financial situation. In the prior two instances the ECB’s actions were later seen as...

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19/02/2023, 02:38

Gold price faces the "headwind" from the FED

Gold price has fallen for the fourth week in a row, as investors are concerned about how aggressive the Federal Reserve will have to be in order to bring inflation down...

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31/01/2023, 11:14

Rate hike rush

FED, ECB and Bank of England will all probably hike policy rates this week, but not necessarily by the same amounts.

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07/12/2022, 11:13

Will China drive the global financial cycle?

US policy has been working to dampen the global financial cycle through rate hikes and the consequent rise in the dollar. Can any increased positivity towards China act...

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05/12/2022, 11:08

What rate profile helps the US dollar?

The comments by Fed Chair Powell last week and those of other Fed members tend to suggest that the bank wants to reduce the size of rate hikes starting next month but...

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01/12/2022, 11:01

What will fuel the rally of the euro?

The euro has rallied quite significantly against the US dollar over the past two months. Some might argue that it has been cooking on gas, both metaphorically and...

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25/11/2022, 11:15

Where will the terminal FED funds rate land?

The FED’s policy is front and centre of market attention but investors could do well to note some of the hints that are coming from other central banks.

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21/11/2022, 02:38

USD/VND rate could be "cool down"

Many financial experts think that the FED's scaled-back rate hike will soon help the USD/VND rate "cool down."

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