08/02/2023, 11:17

Can the US dollar keep going up?

The US dollar surged, and now many must be wondering whether the dollar will enter an uptrend that could even recapture all the losses made in recent months.

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16/01/2023, 11:17

What currencies to invest in for 2023?

We spoke about our forecasts for the US dollar this year and where they stood in relation to the market consensus. Today, we want to look at some of what we might...

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05/01/2023, 12:00

Another volatile year for FX market

Trading has only just resumed for the year but already the FX market seems to have the bit between its teeth to produce another volatile year.

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01/12/2022, 11:01

What will fuel the rally of the euro?

The euro has rallied quite significantly against the US dollar over the past two months. Some might argue that it has been cooking on gas, both metaphorically and...

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29/11/2022, 11:03

What currencies could surprise us in 2023?

In addressing this question, we want to look at what surprises could happen next year that boost currencies in a way that we might not be anticipating.

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24/11/2022, 11:28

Better prospects for the euro

Most currencies have been crushed by the dollar this year. However, a few factors could trigger an immediate and rapid surge in the euro.

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21/10/2022, 11:06

Eurozone faces risk of stagflation

Stagflation is just about upon the euro zone, with inflation now at 10% and recession seemingly just around the corner. Euro zone asset prices, including the euro, will...

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09/09/2022, 11:05

Higher ECB rates won't save the euro

The European Central Bank (ECB) announced a 75 basis point rate hike, taking its benchmark rate to 0.75%. However, such rate hike won’t save the euro.

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31/08/2022, 11:37

Headwinds for the Eurozone economy

From skyrocketing inflation to possible gas shortages in winter, a range of factors is testing the resilience of the Eurozone economy.

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