22/06/2024, 02:00

Credit growth bright spot for banking

As of June 14, credit growth has reached 3.79% compared to the end of last year, marking a bright spot for the banking sector, according to the central bank.

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10/06/2024, 02:38

An extra push needed for credit growth

According to many experts, the aim of 5-6% credit growth by the end of 2Q24 is challenging because the Vietnam economy's credit demand has not improved much despite...

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14/05/2024, 02:38

LPBank fosters credit growth

Lien Viet Post Joint Stock Commercial Bank (LPBank, HoSE: LPB) has fostered credit growth as a driver of its business performance in 2024.

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29/04/2024, 02:00

Banks expect credit growth from Q2

Banks are expecting an improvement in credit growth from the second quarter of 2024, especially now that loan interest rates have decreased, exports gradually recovered,...

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24/04/2024, 02:38

Breaking hurdles to corporate credit

Despite enormous efforts by the banking sector to encourage credit growth, corporations continue to face severe barriers to accessing bank loans.

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21/04/2024, 02:00

Vietnam's economy begins to absorb capital

The resurgence of credit suggests that the economy has started to absorb capital. Experts suggest that low interest rates will continue to be effective as the economy...

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06/02/2024, 02:38

Promoting early credit disbursement

Banks have been assigned an overall credit growth goal for 2024, and they are aggressively addressing the conditions that favor early disbursement. However,...

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16/01/2024, 02:00

Credit growth is facing difficulties

According to Dr. Nguyen Quoc Hung (photo), Vice President and General Secretary of the Vietnam Banking Association, in order to participate in monetary policy to support...

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10/01/2024, 02:38

Credit growth needs to be substantial

According to analysts, credit growth must be substantial in order to be absorbed into production and commercial operations and create jobs, and only then will it be...

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