25/09/2023, 11:21

What are the prospects for major currencies?

G10 FX volatility remains low with implied one-month euro/dollar volatility below 7% right now, or around a half of the level that we were seeing a year ago.

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07/09/2023, 11:17

Second round to fight inflation

ECB Chief Economist Lane said that the bank believes that 2023 will be the year of the peak second round to fight inflation. But is that correct, and which countries are...

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10/08/2023, 11:20

Italy shook markets with extra profits of banks

It might not have been popular with Italian banks or global stocks, but the Italian government’s raid on bank profits might not be an isolated case of populist politics.

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17/05/2023, 11:15

Which central banks will pause rate hikes?

The Fed has suggested that it has paused its rate hikes. It is not the first developed-country central bank to do so and others could be joining soon, such as ECB, BoE.

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14/04/2023, 11:18

ECB may face persistent inflation

The ECB is likely to be most concerned about persistent inflation. This could have consequences for how monetary policy is adjusted and the performance of asset prices...

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20/03/2023, 11:16

What caused the ECB to hike rates?

Not for the first time the ECB has hiked rates into what is clearly a very difficult financial situation. In the prior two instances the ECB’s actions were later seen as...

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29/01/2023, 02:38

Interest rate outlook for 2023

With little prospect of monetary expansion in 2023, central banks may continue to tighten their monetary policies.

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10/01/2023, 11:07

Some thoughts on inflation

Over the holiday period there’s been an interesting debate about inflation stirred by former IMF chief economist, Olivier Blanchard.

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