25/05/2023, 02:00

Banks thrive while most businesses run losses

At a time when most businesses are facing serious losses, with some even in dire situations and having to sell off much of their assets, banks continue to announce...

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23/05/2023, 02:00

Banks start to reduce deposit interest rate

By early May, commercial banks have started to reduce deposit interest rates. With this the average deposit interest rate that had peaked in January at 9 percent per...

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22/05/2023, 02:00

Challenges for banks in luring non-term deposits

It is much more difficult for banks to attract cheap capital from non-term deposits, or current account savings account (CASA), in the context of high interest rates on...

by Admin
15/03/2023, 02:00

Banks granted credit room

According to the Vietnam Chamber of Trade and Industry (VCCI), the credit growth limitation is one of the most influential policies in the banking system of Vietnam, but...

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22/02/2023, 02:00

Bank race to attract demand deposits cools down

The race to lure demand deposits, or current account savings account (CASA), among banks seems to be decelerating as it is more difficult for them to attract the cheap...

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22/11/2022, 02:00

Banks race to attract low-cost capital sources

According to industry insiders, demand deposits, or current account savings account (CASA), of many banks has started to decline since the second quarter of 2022.

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18/09/2022, 12:00

Banks race to increase charter capital

The race to increase charter capital in the banking sector continues to heat up with a series of banks announcing their capital increase plans.

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13/08/2022, 11:20

Banks in the digital transformation race

The banking industry has seen many changes in recent years thanks to digital transformation. However, this is an issue that brings opportunities along with challenges...

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10/07/2022, 02:00

Big banks hike deposit interest rates

Large banks are starting to join the deposit interest rate hike race along with small- and medium-sized banks due to rising capital demand pressure after a long time...

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