27/05/2023, 02:00

Decoding the "Enigma" of Banks

The volatile crisis across banks in the US continues unpredictably with the recently declared bankruptcy by the First Republic Bank. This marks the third bank to fail in...

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16/05/2023, 02:00

Banks' bad debt burden is getting "bigger"

At the end of 2022, survey results showed that 13 of 27 banks had an increase in bad debt ratio, but by the first quarter of 2023 this number was "bigger" when it...

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12/05/2023, 02:38

Limited scope for lowering interest rates

If we solely consider monetary policy, there is very little room for interest rate reductions, not to mention the delay in the implementation of new policies. As a...

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30/04/2023, 02:38

Expectation of further policy rate cuts

Financial expert Phan Le Thanh Long anticipates that the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) would conduct yet another cycle of policy rate cuts between now and the end of 2023...

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18/04/2023, 02:38

Will the cheap money come back?

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) is also supplying the market with liquidity as the interest rate has fallen to an extremely low level. However, a variety of factors...

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17/04/2023, 02:38

How to remove bottenecks for bank loans access

Commercial banks must cut operating expenses, reduce administrative operations, and assist individuals and enterprises through methods such as fee reduction, interest...

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08/04/2023, 02:00

Business disinvestments worrisome for banks

Investors and shareholders have been left surprised with corporations and businesses divesting from commercial banks at a starting price higher than the market price.

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07/03/2023, 02:38

Drive bank lending to certain industries

Commercial banks in Vietnam must continue to direct credit toward priority areas such as production, business, and government-identified priority areas after receiving a...

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28/02/2023, 02:38

Outlook for the USD/VND exchange rate in 2023

According to experts, the USD/VND rate will experience strong pressure in 2023, with domestic inflation and the Fed's rate hike having a big impact on its volatility.

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